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Movie Info:
Release Date: December 21, 2018
Rating: 8.9
About Between Worlds
Country: United States
Year: 2018

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Eiza González has shown that her talent breaks barriers, and is that since she ventured into Hollywood, more and more projects are pending with the world of cinema.

The film that will close the 2018 is “Between Worlds”, where he starred opposite the renowned actor and comedian Steve Carell, playing a woman named “Carlala, the driver.” The Mexican will play a Mexican doll in the film.

The epic drama is produced by Oscar-winning producer Steve Starkey (Forrest Gump, Flight), Jack Rapke (Cast Away, Flight), and Cherylanne Martin (The Pacific, Flight).

Sources close to the actress revealed that in 2018 she has several films to film, however, that’s not all, because by 2020 she has even more projects on the big screen, which ensures that her time in Hollywood is just beginning.

Between Worlds Full Movie Plot Outline

In September 2015, it was announced Emma Stone, Olivia Colman and Kate Winslet had been cast in the film, with Yorgos Lanthimos directing from a screenplay by Deborah Davis and Tony McNamara, while Ceci Dempsey, Ed Guiney, Lee Magiday, and Andrew Lowe would serve as producers under their Scarlet Films and Element Pictures banners, respectively. In October 2015, Rachel Weisz joined the cast of the film, replacing Winslet. In February 2017, Nicholas Hoult joined the cast of the film. In March 2017, Joe Alwyn joined the cast of the film.

The next film of ‘Between Worlds’ will be released next December, as planned, but ‘Transformers 7’ will be replaced by the comedy ‘Limited Partners’ by Tiffany Haddish. What this change in his movie list means for the future of the franchise is not clear, but a rumor that emerged in early 2018 suggested that the studio might consider restarting the saga after ‘Between Worlds’, the film directed by the filmmaker Travis Knight, premieres in theaters.

Three months have passed since the people of Warner Bros. delighted us with a first and very powerful trailer of ‘Creed II’, Down a Dark Hall the long-awaited sequel to what was one of the great surprises of the 2015 season and that even served Sylvester Stallone to scratch a nomination to the Oscar to better secondary actor after putting itself for the seventh time the gloves of the eternal Rocky Balboa.

Today, just over four months after its release, the new delivery of the pugilistic adventures of Adonis Creed receives a new breakthrough that besides promising a The Snarling top-level sports drama at the height of its predecessor, hints that Steven Caple Jr. It has been a remarkable choice to pick up the witness of Ryan Coogler in the management duties.

Only for the premise of the film, which will face Adonis with the son of Ivan Drago Gold the killer of his father in a battle that anticipates a spectacular third act, ‘Creed II’ has my ticket insured. If we add to this the apparent continuity in terms of tone and style of the original and a soundtrack that, sure, is the height in the trailer sounds DMX, little more remains to be asked.

Between Worlds: The Legend of Rocky’ tried to omit the full title in Spanish because it gives hives every time it is written it brings together Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone and Tessa Thompson under the baton of Steven Caple Jr. in a production to which join Dolph Lundgren and a gigantic Florian Munteanu as the fearsome antagonist pair. Rambo 5 It only remains to wait until January 18 to be able to shout that “seconds away!”.

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